poster awards

A poster price was awarded by WASAD to six outstanding scientific posters. The laureates were chosen by the scientific committee from the presented posters at the congress and were:


Michael Schleyer, Magdeburg, Germany, for his contribution: Timing-dependent valence reversal by optogenetic control of dopamine neurons

Manuel Kuhn, Hamburg, Germany, for his contribution: Functional heterogeneity of the human extended amygdala during phasic fear- and anxiety-related processes

Sinha Engel, Berlin, Germany, for her contribution: HPA axis regulation in posttraumatic stress disorder: a meta-analysis

Fabian Seeger, Würzburg, Germany, for his contribution: Behavioral and neurofunctional effects of cognitive behavioral therapy on secondary social anxiety disorder in primary panic disorder: a longitudinal fMRI study

Shira Meir Drexler, Bochum, Germany, for her contribution: Generalizing extinction memory using pre-extinction stress

Bianca Silvia,  Lausanne, Switzerland, for her contribution: A cortico-thalamic-hippocampal circuit for remote fear memory attenuation


More details on these posters can be found in the abstract book of the congress.